En cada uno de nuestros muebles de taracea se refleja el trabajo minucioso de nuestros artesanos, quienes se entregan con pasión y dedicación a cada detalle, llevando consigo el legado de la rica historia de la taracea en Granada.


Four generations of master craftsmen giving life to a tradition of more than 700 years of history.

Passion and authenticity

1948 is the year in which our inlay workshop was founded, with more than seventy years of history, tradition and dedication, our workshop has established itself as an outstanding reference of inlay in the creation of unique and exquisite furniture that combines art of wood carving with the insertion of delicate and colorful pieces of different types of materials.

Each of our pieces of furniture reflects the meticulous work of our artisans, who give themselves with passion and dedication to every detail, carrying with them the legacy of the rich history of inlaid wood in Granada.

We put months of meticulous work into the process of creating each of our pieces. From the beginning, we have focused on the search and selection of the most exceptional woods, those that have natural beauty and incomparable quality.

The result is a collection of unique pieces of functional art, where each piece is a tangible manifestation of artistic talent and mastery. Each meticulously worked detail reflects the care and dedication with which our creations are conceived, ensuring that each piece of furniture is a work of art in itself.

Details of our furniture